Thursday, March 15, 2012

those little prisons

It has been a crazy, crazy week.  Monday, we got 15 inches of rain in about 12 hours.  Water just overflowed.  A friend had water in her house.  Another came very close.  I took off my shoes and socks at lunchtime to get down the sidewalk.

Tuesday, my children did not have school because of the flooding in that area, and I had a delayed start.  We started and ended an hour later...wasn't as bad as I that the buses wouldn't be on flooded roads in the pre-dawn darkness.  We had a bus load of kids who couldn't get to school, but it was pretty much business as usual.

Wednesday was a normal day.

Today many teachers went to the state capitol to protest changes to our educational system.  The superintendent did not cancel classes, but did mention that any absences would be excused.  So about half of our students showed up, maybe fewer.  It was a very peaceful day. 

In a post below, I mentioned my new favorite Matt Maher song..Every Little Prison.  Love it!

I have often thought that I would sooner die than make an appointment for confession.  But this week, I knew it was time to go, and I found myself looking at the calendar, knowing that it is impossible for me to make it before 6:30 Mass during the week, and knowing that I would be MIA the next two Saturday afternoons.  Soooo....rather than wait 2 weeks, I stared at the computer screen and wrote and rewrote an email, and asked my good priest if he had time after Mass.  And of course, he said, "Yes, catch me after Mass on Thursday."  And I didn't even die asking!

As I was preparing, I thought about the little prisons.  Surely sin is a prison, but sometimes we get sucked into the prisons of others, and that has been a issue for me, as of late.  And Bible Study last night (we are studying Acts), Jeff Cavins talked about the prisons that we are in sometimes...and that sometimes instead of trying to get out, we need to do like Paul and his companion and praise God and try to find Jesus there.  I was kind of "wow"....the prison thing was surely coincidental.

This morning started out with a very "animated" conversation before I left the house.  By the time I got to Mass, I was just glad to be there.  A little nervous about confession.  Wondering exactly how the logistics of it all would work out.  Mass was over, and I just kind of hung out for a few minutes.  Then I went and popped my head in the back to let him know I was there.  He smiled and said he hadn't forgotten, so I went back out and sat and waited while he purified the vessels and what not.  Then we took a walk to the back of the church...he went in his door, and I went in mine. 

The morning 'conversation' was still fresh, and it fit nicely into "getting sucked into the prisons and anxieties of others."  "Are we supposed to stay in those prisons with them?" I asked.  He paused for a minute and said, "No, that would be slavery.  There needs to be a boundary."  We all have our own baggage, and that is where God works in our lives...he doesn't work on us in other people's baggage.... And setting a boundary will almost certainly be met with a hardened heart.  But that is OK.  So very helpful. 

It is confession, because I still have my list, and he listens to it all, but I very much appreciate the spiritual direction that sometimes - but not always - comes with it.  He is so wise. 

Can I encourage any one to go to confession during Lent?  Even if it's been 20 years or so?  Even if you have to make an appointment?  I am living proof that you do not die if you make an appointment.

The rest of the day - even with it's tumultous start - went on to be very peaceful...half of the normal students, spiritual wisdom, and the Lord's merciful love.  A great combo!

The dog had a peaceful day, too.  She took some time to smell the flowers.

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