Saturday, April 9, 2011

work space

This morning, at school, I found this in my box. 

There was no accompanying explanation.  My assistant suggested that it looked kind of like a very small toilet.  And maybe the brush was for...well, never mind.
I thought that maybe the brush might be useful for brushing off a keyboard, so I tried it out this afternoon.  And since I had my camera out to take pictures of the thingy above, I snapped a few pictures of the things on my monitor.  What's on yours?

St. Clare has been there for quite a while.  
My best friend is a Poor Clare, so she has St. Clare keeping an eye on me, I suppose.
Above the dear Saint is a sticker with the phone number and email of the poor person that I call when I have a "Special Ed" computer problem.  We don't communicate nearly as much as we did when we had the old wrteched program.

Yes, there is a castle.
One year one of my co-workers, whom I really do like, was a little outdone with me for things beyond my control.  I was told that she referred to me as "the queen".  Hence, the castle.  

One side is the Good Shepherd, which is an image I love. 

The other side of the card is my sweet student, Cody
Sometimes it is on the Good Shepherd side.   Other times it's on the Cody side.

The prayer to St. Michael has a prominent spot at the top.
For a while, I didn't know the prayer.
But now I know it, and I know that St. Michael could have a full time job at my workplace.

Taped on near the bottom is a quote from the Letter of James.  
We were supposed to memorize a Bible verse each week.  
Key word - supposed to.  This one if from week 1.

A sticky note with some book information for one of the many useless forms we have to fill out.

This is actually on the door of my microwave.  I picked some of my favorite Bible verses.  Food for the soul.

I think this is what the thingy is for.  It sticks to the top of your computer (not very well when your monitor is slightly rounded).  The brush is, indeed, for cleaning your keyboard.  I guess the little hole is for a pencil, and it will hold a piece of paper at the bottom.  Interesting.

So what's in your work space?


  1. I would have to say my work space is my kitchen sink and I have a St. Michael prayer card there. I am trying to memorize it. It has been particularly helpful to me lately.

  2. my work space is one of the 16 stores I'm assigned to service as a merchandiser. But my work bag, van, and where I sit to enter my service call reports are all cluttered. Nothing at all like your monitor with spiritual reminders.