Tuesday, August 23, 2011

dog days

What can I say?  School has started, and it is just pure-dee HOT! 

We all lack energy.  The heat doesn't help.  Yesterday evening, I came home, sat down in the rocker, and fell asleep. I didn't even have to recline.

The mornings are especially bad...soooo humid.  And by afternoon, it's a 100 or so.  My boys told me they announced a heat advisory at their school today...I guess that is for things like football practice.  How on earth can football in this weather be "fun"?

There seems little to blog about.  Some interesting little people at school, but it would be unprofessional to go there.

Some odd big people at school.  Ugh.  But I can't go there, either.

After my last post about wondering how I was going to get it all done, I heard that voice that told me that I don't walk alone.  What I get done, I will get done with His help.  

I was at the old house today.  I got out of the car to get the mail, but then I realized that I would be killed.  We lived on a highway. Our mailbox is one of the rural type deliveries.  They are resurfacing (widening?) the highway that runs in front of our [old] house.  They did the shoulders - only took about six months - and now they are doing the middle.  So traffic is rerouted to the shoulder.  Not sure quite how I will get my mail and live to tell about it.

See...reaching....deep for something to blog about.

I did run across something in a church bulletin that I thought was just lovely.  Maybe I can share that?  It was about the period of silence after communion. 

 "During this time of silent prayer the priest leads us into the third and last of the three ancient silences in the Mass, the silence when we reach out to be in communion with Jesus and with everyone to whom he leads us.  
You are now seated beside Jesus.
What is he saying to you?
What have you to say to him?
Is our Lord calling you to serve him in a special way...?
Is he inviting you to enjoy the vocation he has already given you...?
....Is he leading you to smeone whom you have hurt or who has hurt you?
You are now close to the saints and all your beloved dead; tell them of your love and receive theirs.
Listen to Jesus comfort you in your suffering.
See him reveal himself as the ultimate source of your joy.
Let him give you strength for your work.
Hear him answer your prayer.
[Mass in Slow Motion...Paul F. Ford]

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