Friday, August 12, 2011

the fireplace mystery

Something I have always wanted, but never had, is a fireplace. 

But the new house has one!  I'm not crazy about (a) the TV on the mantle or (b) the all-the-same-color painted bricks and mantle. is what it is.  Might paint the mantle a lighter color. 

Anyway, having never had a real, live, fireplace before, I asked my friend, who is not a fireplace virgin, to show me some pointers in using it. 

Earlier in the summer, we tried and tried to figure out how one might turn it on.

We turned the red valve, but nary a thing happened.  We searched further...but found nothing.   My friend took off the fake logs, looking for clues.  Nada!

More than a few times, have we wished that the home came with an owner's manual. 

Tonight when I got home, there was a small pile outside the garage.  There were some leftover tiles and marble squares.  There was a plate that goes in the microwave, some remote controls, and a note with a phone number!  I called.  We had asked a few questions at closing, but the seller had never lived in the home, and so was not very helpful.

I inquired about the fireplace. 

Stand in front of the fireplae, she said....

See down there at the bottom right? 

Had to pry the bugger off with a knife...but now, the mystery of the fireplace is SOLVED!

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