Sunday, June 27, 2010

show me

The Adoration Chapel near my house has a few open slots on Sundays.  About six months ago, I signed up to be a substitute.  I can't commit to a certain hour every week, but I can sometimes fill in when needed.  And today was one of those days.

A couple of three years or so ago, I remember hearing a priest at daily Mass say that we should ask God for the grace to see things as He sees them - especially in regard to our own sinfulness.  I thought that was something I'd rather not see, so I didn't pray too hard for that grace.

But things change.  Lord, help me to see.  And He did.  It was a productive "conversation" today at Adoration.  I think I was mostly listening.  But that's OK.  Speak, Lord, I'm listening.  He spoke; I took notes.

Spent the rest of the day taking care of odds and ends around the house.  Scooped the litter box.  Watered the plants.  Washed a load of clothes.  Sorted the clothes on the top of oldest child's dresser.  Downloaded backgrounds to use with my Promethean board.  Dear hubby was gone all morning and part of the afternoon, so it was very quiet.  *I* got to use the remote and watch a couple of shows that I had DVR'd. 

The electricity went off twice.  For no apparent reason.  Gee, I love our electric provider.  NOT!  It could be a long summer.

Waited to see if I would hear from the happy campers.  News was hard to come by, but at last report, the boys were all tucked in and sleeping. 

When I was watering the plants, I saw some more of those very hungry caterpillars on my tomato plants.  They are SO hard to see.  Even when you are looking right at them, you don't see them.  The give-away on most of them was the droppings that they leave behind.  You know, what goes in, must come out - and the poop doesn't blend quite so well.

It occurred to me that sin is kind of like that. The attitudes and thoughts blend so well with the ways of the world.  When we're sitting there in the middle of it, sometimes - often times - we fail to see it for what it is.  Even when we're looking for it - really looking - preparing to do battle by confession instead of insecticide - it is hard to see.   Except for the poop - the inevitable consequences.  That's the give-away.  That and the branches stripped bare by the appetites that can't be satistfied.  The hateful words that spring from the need to always be right.  The impatience that comes from wanting to be in control.  The hurt feelings.  The failure to pray for those we don't like.  And on and on.   Lord, help me to see.


  1. Ah yes, the poo trail of our activities that gets left in the wake. Your words are wise and I will be sharing them with someone else who could benefit from your wisdom.

  2. What a great analogy! I've been looking at the adoration schedule and the times available. Most of them are in the middle of the night, and I just can't do that with working. I hadn't thought about subbing...I may have to call and get on that list!

  3. Karen, your words have been blessed with wisdom and grace. I am so thankful you passed along the fruit of your labor. Confession is pretty dang amazing in my book!! Thanks....

  4. This one was written by the Holy Spirit. Adoration and confession are both awesome, and in this case one is leading to the other! The list is made....