Thursday, June 10, 2010

teacher camp

I spent this week "at camp".  It was a camp for educators that enabled us to visit area businesses to see what opportunities there are for employment for our students and what skills employers are looking for.

The places we visited were varied:  a local manufacturer of seasoning, a public utility company, a casino/racetrack, a monogramming gift shop, a dinner club, a car dealership, a cable company.  We heard the same things over and over and over:  Send us kids who know how to show up on time, who know how to dress appropriately, who know how to interact and get along with others, and we will teach them everything else we need for them to know.

We also heard them say over and over again, how much they value their employees, how the employees are like family and how they have little turn over.  It made me a little sad, because while we are valued by the community (and were told "thank you" often), it feels like our school system places little value on its employees.  One company is in a "depressed" neighborhood, and many of their employees ride their bikes or walk to work.  They are planning to move to a larger facility a few miles from the current location.  They said that they have plans to provide transportation for those employees when they move to their new location. 

All in all, an interesting week, but now I can officially begin my summer vacation.  I think!  We also ate VERY well this week.  Exercise should be a big part of my summer vacation!

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