Sunday, March 13, 2011


For all the many unfavorable things that I may say about my school, there is one wonderful thing for sure...our campus is beautiful.  We have a team of custodians who work hard to keep it tidy and well-groomed, and we have attractive landscaping and foliage. 

Each spring, there are these trees that flower.  I am not sure the variety.  When I asked our custodian the other day, he said, "That's one of those 'fake pear' trees."  So whether it is some kind of ornamental pear or whether he's just pulling my leg, I have no idea. 

But the white flowers are so beautiful against the blue spring sky. 

So I documented!  (That's what I spend a great deal of time doing as a teacher...documenting...)

The tree above is outside the church near my school. 

 The neighborhood view from the parking lot at the church.  I like the variety of colors.  In a month or so, summer will be here, and everything will just be green, green, green.  I get tired of green. 

These close-ups are from the trees at school.  It's the contrast against the blue sky, I think, that appeals so much to me.

I was back at church in the evening to drop off my Boy Scouts for an activity.  Thought the trees were pretty at night, too!

No point at all to this post.  Just sharing some beauty.  Appreciating God's handiwork!


  1. I think those are Bradford Pears. They're in full bloom here and are just gorgeous!

  2. Tons of Bradford Pears here in NC and so lovely...but kinda smelly. These photos are great!