Thursday, March 31, 2011

thy will be done

One of the beautiful traditions of Catholicism is lighting candles.  Candles are a sacramental - something that points towards Jesus.  Symbolic because they bring light into darkness; they give of themselves and are consumed to bring light; the flame is active, always moving.  The smoke that is given off is symbolic of our prayers rising to heaven.

So there is this deal with the house and accompanying property that we have found.  One day it looks as if it may go through.  The next day, not so much.  Then it looks good.  And then not.  My prayer is simply that God's will be done.  If it is meant for us to be there, then let it work out.  And if not, no regrets.  To that end, we have done everything that we could do.

Tonight my dear husband called from the road.  Apparently our real estate agent had called and told him that the other party had obtained a letter of credit from the bank and was doing inspections on the property.  So it looks like it is likely that they will close the deal.  His suggestion to me was to "go light a candle".  We have done this before in impossible circumstances, and it has "worked".

So my boys and I journeyed to the church near my school tonight.  Our parish is in the "hood" and is always locked when Mass is not going on.  This church has a coded keypad that allows access after dark.

We entered, whispering.  We bought a candle (they are kept in the lobby) and then proceeded to the candles surrounding a sculpture of the Holy Family  They lit the candle, and we knelt and prayed.  St. Joseph, you know the value of a home.  If this is supposed to happen for us, let it.  If not, then help us to be happy with what we have.  Help us be a Holy Family.  We visited the Tabernacle, too, and said "hi" to Jesus.  I will tell you that praying with your teenage sons in a dark church is priceless.

Thy will be done.

Editing to add:  This house deal did not work out for us.  But on April 29, we made an offer on another house - the "right" house.  We closed on June 13, and made the big move on July 7.  I could have never forseen how God would answer this prayer.  There are pictures scattered throughout the blog in May, June, July, etc.  But take a peek to see see my favorite housewarming gift!    :-)


  1. I love the pictures of the dark church and the candlelight. Nice blog! I found you via Why I Am Catholic.

    Come visit me at Home in Douglas!

  2. Oh, I want to do this! What a lovely post. I just love being Catholic!