Monday, October 31, 2011

ghosts of halloweens past

For years we lived in a place that never got a single trick-or-treater.  Ever.  And we trick-or-treated in other people's neighborhood.  But now we live in a neighborhood and got to do the trick-or-treat thing tonight.  (Note to self:  Buy some Halloween-themed items from the clearance shelf this week, so next year we don't have Halloween candy in an Easter Egg bowl!)  I felt a little old...not knowing who/what most of the costumes were.  There were a couple of Batmans and Iron Man's.  Lots and lots of princesses.  A handsome pirate.  A Buzz Lightyear.  More than a handful of devils.

It took me back a few years.  To the ghosts of Halloween's past...

This was 1998.  
Tinkie Winkie was about 18 mos and Barney was three.  My niece is a few weeks younger than Barney. 

Their cousin was Tinkerbell.
Cute x 3!
The Disney Store was all out of Captain Hook hats.
So Dad -ever creative - made one from duct tape!

SpiderMan and a Ninja.

Another Disney Store score!
This Halloween came just a few weeks after Hurricane Lili
visited our area and left us without power for a week.
 Have always loved this picture!

The Grim Reaper was 7 and Harry Potter was 9.  

 Our trick-or-treat days were coming to an end.
I think we did one more year after this one.
This foursome attended the National Boy Scout Jamboree together 3 years later.  

Thanks for walking with me down memory lane.