Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Perhaps an almost wordless post...rare though they are!

He wants to grow his hair long.  Longer.  Slash is his idol.  Heaven help us.

This past weekend was a milestone.  "Encouraged" by his younger brother (who already had a date), older brother asked a young lady from CCD, whom he knew from their past years together and St. XYZ Catholic School to attend the homecoming dance with him at his high school.  Did I mention that younger brother's date fell through?  

This was the first "real" date.  Can you sense the anticipation?  He was so nervous. 

Posing for the obligatory pictures for the paparazzi parents.  A cute couple, don't you think?  According to Facebook posts, a good time was had.  Although my son is fairly certain that he will never completely understand girls. 

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