Friday, October 14, 2011


Pure craziness - that's what this week has been. 
And you know the cause of it? 

Any self-respecting teacher should know the cause of it. 
It's the full moon.
Perhaps paired with a slight change in weather temps. 
Oh my!  The results have been off the charts!

Most of the time you can spot the full-moon effects for a day or so, 
but this time I swear, it has lasted most of the week. 

I think it marked the second time in 20 something years that I have needed to call the SRO (School Resource Officer) so that I could do my job.  That we have a cop assigned to our campus is another sad commentary, but one we won't go into here.  Two fifth graders (both bigger than me) started pushing on each other and talking trash.  I called before it escalated and before someone got hurt. 

And I was not the only one with stories to tell! 
Next year, the powers that decide all things should plan our wimpy little "fall break" around the full moon.  And maybe the  next full moon belongs to the teachers.  
We can all come to school and act as if we've lost all of our marbles. 

(Thankfully, we have a "fall break" on Monday.  Parent teacher conferences are on Tuesday from 11-7.  Perhaps sanity will have been restored by the time we see them again on Wednesday.)

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