Friday, April 6, 2012


Sometimes you just don't need a lot of words.   Sometimes the visual says what we can't. 

I have heard some good homilies the past few days - 4 in three days, I think, starting with Tenebrae.  At our Holy Thursday Mass, our good priest reminded us that it is about gratitude and victory.  

And today, at the Good Friday service, he reminded us that it not a day of sorrow and mourning, but a day of victory, joy, and gratitude.  Jesus was in complete control the whole time.  This is not something that happened to Him, but something He willingly did for us to save us because he loved us.  For so long, I thought it was Jesus and the no good, very bad, horrible day.  Couldn't understand why it was "Good" and I surely couldn't understand why Jesus just didn't give them the answers - didn't say something - to make it all stop.  Now I understand.

Tonight I watched the Passion of the Christ with the rest of my family.  It was the first time I had seen it in its entirety.  It was graphic, but very well done.  

Wishing a Good Friday to all!  

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