Friday, June 11, 2010

straight lines

Hopefully when we are done with this project, I won't have any pictures that I can use as a header for this blog!

Our Boy Scout troop is striping (not stripping) the parking lot at our church on Saturday.  A before picture:  The Fire Lane markings are much more noticeable in the picture than in real life.  Do you see those lines out there?  (No, not really....  That's why we are painting them!)   There are 16 of them....

My boys and I met my partners-in-crime there tonight, so we could get an idea of what we were doing and get a head start.  We worked about 3 hours.  The boys did a great job.  Good attitudes.  Good work.  My co-conspirator said they could work for him any time!  Here he is - lending a foot and words of advice.  You can see by the close-up that this project is overdue!

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  1. Anxious to see an "after" picture! Looks like y'all have your work cut out for you!