Friday, November 5, 2010

finishing out the week

My internet has been giving me the blues the past few days.  Slow...taking forever for pages to load....emails not sending....on again off again.  But I finally called tonight, and it seems to be back to its normal self.  :-)

Wednesday was crazy.  Oldest son missed the bus.  After a 4-day weekend, he just couldn't get going.  But that was OK.  His school is right around the corner.  Younger son was ready to go, so I dropped one off, and then the other.  Life was good.  I had plenty of time to make it to Mass.  I really had thoughts of just going to sit in the quiet of the church, but since I had time, I figured Mass was where I should be.

As I'm driving down the road, my cell phone rings.  It's in the back seat, so I can't get to it until I stop.  It's younger son's school, so I call back.  The secretary didn't know why he was calling, but she'd get him, and then call me back.  I drove on to church.  Was sitting in the parking lot, on time for Mass when he called back.  HE was having Mass at school that day, and therefore needed PANTS, not the shorts that he had one.  

I drove back home, picked up pants (and his ADD meds) and took them to school.  I thought that while I had missed Mass, at least HE was attending and maybe God had something that HE needed to hear.  I got to school with the all-important pants, only to be told that Father had cancelled Mass.  

I wish I could say that the day got better after that, but it continued in that fashion for most of the day.  It was just one thing after another, it seemed. 

Thursday's gospel, about the lost sheep and the lost coin, made me wonder, "If there is more joy over one repentant sinner in heaven than over 99 who have no need of repentance, exactly where are those 99 rightous people?  And why can't I seem to run across them?"

Today is Friday - First Friday.  All I can say is that God knew what He was doing when He put  a Friday in every week.

Hiking tomorrow with the Boy Scouts.  I'm not sure my body is in hiking shape.  We shall see!

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  1. Hope the hiking went well. There was some reason you weren't meant to be in Mass that day. Seems odd, but who knows why?