Saturday, November 13, 2010

soul food

I went shopping at the WalMart in the next small town today, and ran into two people from my church there.  Apparently, I'm not the only one who by-passes the closest store (aka "Ghetto WalMart") and drives the extra distance for a more pleasant shopping experience.  One of the people told me that they had heard that our pastor was still sick, and had gotten a replacement for this weekend. 

My boys are serving at Sunday morning Mass, and I usually enjoy the Saturday evening Mass, but there is an element of unknown when there is a replacement.  For a long time, I've been wanting to go to a weekend Mass of the little parish that I go to some weekdays.  The one where the people make my heart smile.  So I seized the opportunity.  Sent my SIL who also loves that parish a text, and she was willing to go, too!

As we approached the public school gym where Mass was being held, we could smell bar-b-q.   This parish has a wonderful pastor.  He spoke about how their church building caught fire nearly 7 months ago, but how their church community is still on fire with the Holy Spirit.  And it is!  He spoke about everyone doing their share - those who don't work, don't eat, as we heard in the Scriptures today.   He spoke about things to consider before saying something.  Guiding principals from the Rotary Club where he gave an invocation during the week.  Is it true?  Is it fair to all involved?  Will it build goodwill and friendship?  Is it beneficial to all concerned?  The children that I teach could certainly use those principals.  And me too, perhaps.  ;-)

So there was food for the soul.  And on the way out, with the purchase of a bar-b-q pork sandwich, there was soul food for supper, too.  Yum!

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