Friday, November 26, 2010

superheroes and kings

I ran across this picture yesterday.  It dates back to the time that my little superheroes often ended up in my bed.  Dear hubby worked nights, and my guiding principal regarding sleeping arrangements at the time was "however the most people can get the most sleep".  My mother warned that I'd never get them out of my bed.  But they are now 13 and 15, and it has been YEARS since they've even asked about sleeping in my bed. 

Wednesday morning I didn't make it to Mass.  It hardly ever happens that I miss a daily Mass because I slept in, but  I did.  I opened my eyes at 6:40, and thought, "I'll never make 7:00 Mass."  I guess I was still half- asleep because Mass wasn't until 7:30.  Oh well.  I went that evening to the Adoration Chapel.  It was an ADD conversation that I had with God.  It just kind of went this way and that way.  But it was good. 

Not too long ago in confession, my penance was to ask God to place His throne in my heart - or something along those lines.  It went along with the readings for the day, and I thought it was pretty simple.  Sounded that way on the surface.  I had a mental image of a nice, shiny, gold chair.  That kind of throne would fit just perfectly in my heart.  But as I sat there the other night, I realized that Jesus' throne wasn't a nice, shiny, gold chair, but a rough, wooden cross.  So much for easy.  Guess that will be something to pray about further...

I kind of appreciate that nearly a month after confession, my penance has become a part of me; food for reflection.

What kind of penances do you get?  It's been a while since I've had the 3 Hail Mary's or 1 Our Father variety. Recent ones still floating around in my memory...

  • give something up for a day; offer it .... (in thanksgiving for something specific or for someone else)
  • go and bask in the silence; listen to Jesus speak to you
  • take a minute and pray for/thank God for (usually something/someone making me crazy) 
  • ask God to show you the good He wants you to become
  • read the Gospel and reflect upon who the Lazarus' are in your life
We celebrated the Solemnity of Christ the King last weekend.  May Christ's throne always rule in our hearts!


  1. You are so good to go to confession regularly. I have never cared for's like pulling teeth to get me to go during the communal services.

  2. Those are great penances. I always get the Our Father/Hail Mary variety, and I do wish for something more edifying (I confess).

    And I love that picture. I have a boy who's all about superheroes now. (He's 5.)

  3. You have a good confessor. We need more like that.