Thursday, June 16, 2011

home, sweet home, etc...

Things have been so, so busy.

Monday we closed on our new home.  When we got home (to our current house) after the closing, we noticed a man in our yard walking around one of our oak trees.  When we inquired further, he was there "mapping" the trees.  Seems that the powers that be want to four-lane the road in front of our house.  Am I happy to be moving??

The boys are at Boy Scout Camp in Georgia, so hubby and I had to enjoy the new pool all by ourselves.  That was really quite nice.  The pool has been neglected somewhat, so it wasn't pristine, but I figured the boys are swimming in a lake this week, so what the heck! 

Tuesday, I set off with my sister-in-law and a friend.  We went to a place in our city.  Actually this site, is in a beautiful neighborhood in someone's front yard.  Mary asked for it to be built, and they obliged.

We went to get some of the healing water and said a rosary while we were there.

Wednesday, my sister and nephew and parents came to town.  I met them at the Children's Museum, had lunch with them, and then showed off the new house.  I never thought I would live in something this nice!  We have been married 17 years, and we have been "looking" for a long time.  Let me just say, that moving is going to be a long process with 30 years of accumulated "grah dieu", and that our approaches are polar opposites.  Husband's idea is to pick up a box, throw it in the truck and shove it somewhere at the new house.  Done!  My idea is to go through the c.r.a.p before we pack it (even if it is already in a box), move it, put it where it will go.

Called people to come look at the pool to give us some idea of what to do.  Only had to call six before I found one with a working number and willing to do what I asked.

Then we painted child # 1's room.  I did the prep...taping the woodwork.  A friend of dear hubby's did the painting.  It is going from an olive green to hunter green.  Still haven't settled on a color for the P.I.N.K room, yet.

Yep, just a little busy here!

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  1. Congrats on the new digs! Wish I could visit that Mary spot ;-)