Monday, June 6, 2011

miss it...or not

We should close on our new house soon! The credit union called Friday to say that the title work was complete and that it had passed its termite inspection!  All we really need now is a date!

I am looking forward to a new house!  I think we are all most looking forward to not having 4 people share one bathroom.  (For the record, our current house has 2 bathrooms, but only one has an electrical outlet [note that outlet is singular] and only one has a bathtub.)  In the new house, each bedroom has a bathroom.

I am not looking forward to the moving process.  Dear hubby has called our humble abode "home" for more than 30 years.  I have been here for 17+, and the kids for nearly that long.  We have a lot of "stuff".  Not even sure where to start.  Right now it is almost a paralysis....gridlock.  I have a stack of clothes on the floor.  Nothing is really wrong with them.  I use a lot of the T-shirts to sleep in.  But, really, how many t-shirts does a person need?

I took a load of varied items to Goodwill last week.  Only about 11,473 more to go!

There are some things that I will miss when we move.

 Like the measurement of kids on the back of the kitchen door.
At one point, we used pencil.
But now...hell...just write it on there with a Sharpie!

 And the big backyard where the boys could shoot skeet with shotguns if they were so inclined.

And where one day, in the tree in the foreground of the above pic, I saw this...
(There's a story that goes along with it...)
I'll miss my little garden(s), too.
But I should be able to do some of that at the new place.


But there are some things that I surely won't miss.

Like living next door to a funeral home.  
They are pretty quiet neighbors, and haven't had many "customers" yet.
But when they do have business, I can water my garden and listen to the parking lot conversations.

I also will not miss living on a busy highway that is currently in a state of construction...
or is it reconstruction.

I wonder if there will be other the proximity to my kids' school, my work, our church....or the "coziness" of our present house.  The places we shop.  A place for our Golden Retriever call her own. But along with that comes new places, new people, new opportunities.

Onward on the journey!


  1. It is always bittersweet to leave an old home, isn't it? At least you've got photos of the important stuff!

  2. 1 bathroom per bedroom? wow. When we redid our hall bath, we forgot about the outlet, so there's not one in there. And, in our bath, there is one, but it doesn't work. So, to dry my hair, I have to go into the bedroom while CH is sleeping.
    Congrats on the house! Sooo exciting!