Friday, June 10, 2011


Nearly a year ago, my sister-in-law began to host a Rosary group in her home.  I always figured Rosary groups were for old ladies, but I have missed very few of these, and have benefited greatly.  We pray the Seven Sorrows was popular in the Middle Ages, and was re-introduced by Our Lady of Kibeho in the 1980's.  The prayer and meditation is always good.  Soothing?  Peace-inducing? The source of many graces?  Something about meditating on the sufferings of the Blessed Mother and Our Lord.

But also wonderful is the ever-changing group of people with whom we pray.  I love that my teen sons sometimes come with me (one more often than the other).  This week, I invited two dear people from work.  There were 11 of us - 3 teens (one of them mine), one young person in her 20s or 30's.  A few of us in our 40's.  Sister-in-law in her 50's.  One of the people I brought in her 60's...another at or close to 70.  And my mother-in-law who will be 80 this summer rounded out the group.

We start off by going around the group for those who wish to offer prayer intentions.  Then we begin.  We take turns reading the reflections at the beginning of each mystery.  No real order...someone who wants to read takes a turn.  At the end, we often stay for a little while and visit.  This week, one of our group said she had something she wanted to share.  She was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago - at the age of 39 - with stage four Lung Cancer.  Statistics gave her a 15% chance of living a year.  A 5% chance of surviving two years.  She had written an article for our local Catholic paper.  I can not link directly to it, but it is certainly worth the effort to read, in my ever so humble opinion.  This link will get you close.  ;-)  From there, click on the June, 2011 issue.  Her story is on page 35.  She is an inspiration, and her article tackles very accurately what is truly important for us as parents and as followers of Jesus.


  1. Beautiful. I have found it so amazing to have a faith-sharing group called School of Community. Members have come and gone but we become like family, sharing one another's joys and burdens.

    It is beautiful what you are part of.

  2. I have recently joined a Rosary group as well. I can't always make it, but when I do I feel so much better. I would love to have my boys join me ;)