Sunday, July 10, 2011

in, but not out

I'm still here. Just very busy.


We slept in the "new house" for the first time Thursday night.

We are not experienced movers, and it shows. The old house looked even worse after we got the big stuff out. And I swear that hubby's helper friend did not understand the meaning of "just the big stuff" and took some stange delight in making the old place even messier, if that is possible. Two days later, there has been progress at both houses, but a long, long way to go.

To that end, I called my friend in Pennsylvania and postponed my trip. I was to be on a plane to Philly Friday, but I just couldn't leave the mess in good conscience. It cost me about $60 to change the flight, but once it was done I felt a peace that I haven't felt since I bought the first tickets.

I have pictures...but I'm working off of my iPad and 3G for right now...

Still much to be done at "the old house".

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