Sunday, July 31, 2011

let them eat cake

Life has been hectic here.  The granite guys came to install the granite.  The plumber is putting the sink and stove back in.  There are no stores nearby.  We still haven't figured out where people that live around here shop.

There is no lunchmeat in the fridge.  But my guys are SO resourceful.  There is cake mix in the pantry.  One of them announces that he is mixing up a cake and eating it raw.  For lunch.  Cake soup.  (The thought of salmonella never crossed my mind.) 

He does as he says, and I don't discourage him.  I document it in pictures.  But after he ladles up a bowl and sits down to enjoy, he has second thoughts.

So....what to do with a bowl of cake batter? 

The other one has a bright idea!  PanCAKES!

Cake Pancakes.  All things considered...not bad!

Yep, go ahead and nominate me for the Mom of the Year Award.

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