Saturday, October 1, 2011


Continuing on the "brother" theme from the last post, perhaps.

I have two sons...they are 16 and 14...born 19.5 months apart.  A year apart in school, thanks to the older having a summer birthday.

The other morning, as I dropped them off at the bus stop in the pre-dawn darkness, they got out of the car discussing the merits of some musical group.  As I drove away, I thought of how blessed I am to have children who actually like each other. 

Sometimes I would describe them to their teachers as "the same, but different".  One is the introvert; the other the extravert.  But they both shared an ADD diagnosis and horrendous difficulties with spelling - especially in the early grades.  Neither cares much for reading, but they are both working their way through the same library book - a biography of Slash - of rock band fame. 

They shared a room until a few months ago when we moved.  I sometimes wonder if that is why they are close.  (believe me - they didn't often sit in their room quietly playing Connect 4 with each other)  One night last week, I went upstairs to ask them something.  Each has their own TV in their own room now (a source of controversy for years...sharing a TV) but they were both in the same bedroom, watching the same (probably mildly inappropiate) tv show together. 

Most years, they have been at the same school.  Last year was an exception to that, as the older brother was in high school, and the younger counting the days until his freedom from Catholic school.  This year, I think it is a comfort to both of them to have the presence of the other at the same school.  They share friends, more often than they compete for them. 

Above is a picture from last summer...mine are the two on the left.  This was after the closing Mass of the Catholic work camp/retreat that they attended. 

Last year, they both took Algebra.  They called themselves the "Alge-brothers". 

Yesterday after school, there was a chill in the air, but the pool was still warm.  They started off, in the backyard playing with this....

a toy they discovered when we moved.  ;-)  Then they moved on to a frisbee...until one threw it over the fence and it landed in the neighbor's pool.  And they were both too chicken to go and ask for it.  (We have met our neighbors only about once.) *

Then they moved on to this.  Do you really think one is helping the other out??  Of course, you know that the one in the pools is trying to pull the other in.

It's not a hug, I tell you.   (and pardon the black garbage bag in the's the result of last weekend's unfinished weed-pulling efforts)

Of course it finally ended up in this...with variations of one trying to drown the other at various points.  But through it all, they were having a good time. 

In past weeks, I have listened to them discussing Homecoming preparations, dates, etc.  It has been neat to see them talk about double-dating, to hear one encouraging the other to find a date...that kind of thing.

Here's to brothers!  Brothers in Christ and Brothers-in-the Same House!

*The older child knocked on the door of the house next door to get his frisbee today and said that the neighbors were nice and showed them how to get into the backyard, in case they need to get a frisbee out of the pool again. 

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  1. My boys are also 16 + 14, but 29 months apart. They are so incredibly different. They look nothing alike and don't share the same interests. I hope they will become closer and pray for that all the time.