Monday, January 9, 2012


It seems like such a waste to use a sick day actually being sick, but here I am....  Not dying - actually feeling a lot better than I did yesterday - just taking it easy.

Low tech "symptom management".  With lotion, please.

Natural home remedies...lemon with honey....

Maybe a little generic benadryl to stop the drip, drip, drip....

Or the multi-symptom solution...didn't really do too much.

My drug of choice - the generic zyrtec - wasn't really doing too much, either...

A couple of people on Facebook suggested the Mucinex DM solution...Jury is still out.

My boys had some success with this earlier in the week. 
I didn't know they still made Contac. 
I remember it from my youth.  It worked, but it would
This does not appear to be the same formula.
Didn't do much to alleviate my symptoms this time around.

This may well be the best thing. 
A recliner.  A blanket.  Rest.
I slept here last night, and woke up feeling oh-so-much-better.  
And I have spent most of my day here.

It's a busy week on the agenda, and I just couldn't see myself going in at 75% when it takes 110%.  
Surely, I would come out with less than I had going in.

On a totally unrelated side note, rumor has it that there is a little football game tonight.
Something about a National Championship.  
Normally, I root against whoever plays LSU.
~I know - I'll probably have to go to confession now - uttering such blasphemy.~
But I suppose tonight, I will be heard saying "Go Tigers."  
 Shhhh...don't tell anyone. 


  1. Sometimes all you need is rest to ease the symptoms! Hope you're feeling better!
    The bad news: I tagged you in today's post. If you don't do these/don't want to, no worries!