Friday, January 27, 2012


Just one big sigh.

Nothing is really wrong.  And nothing is really fantastic.  It is January.

One day the weather is cold - like 40ish.  The next day it is 70 degrees and 180% humidity.  The sidewalks "sweat" when it is like that.  And my hair frizzes worse than normal.  I have to check in the morning to know how to dress.  In between changes, it is stormy. 

I just tried to upload an image to my sidebar, but I was told my picture storage with Picassa Web Albums was full.  Sigh. Someone told me good things about Picassa a while back, so I installed it on my computer.  I have yet to really figure out how to deal with it.  I think I probably have multiple copies of picture (unintentionally), and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to delete a picture in Picassa.  Oh well.  It's not a problem that bothers me enough to spend much time trying to solve it.

It was an image about opposing the contraception mandate that Obama and his cronies are trying to shove down our throats.  I have just SO had enough of them.  I never liked them to begin with.  I could only listen to his Campaign Kick-Off  State of the Union Address the other night in short bits.  Ughhh.  And to think if we have to endure 4 more years.

It has been six weeks since I have had a paycheck.  That is making me grouchy.  We get paid on the last work day of the month.  I am counting the days.  And trying to make the little bit of gas in my tank stretch.

Things at school.  Should I even go there?  A fifth grader bought marijuana at school from another fifth grader a few weeks ago.  He had buyer's remorse and tried to get a refund, but I guess he didn't have his receipt!  An eighth grader stabbing another student (one of his friends) with a hair pick over a basketball game.  It could have been so much worse than it was.  [Sigh].  Paperwork.  Kids that never, ever have a pencil.  No matter if you give them one every day.  Ditto for paper.  It wears on you after a while to have to constantly fight the little things.  And then the big things happen.

It is Ordinary Time in the church.  I am feeling kind of ordinary myself.

We had altar server training last weekend - for new altar servers.  It has been in the bulletin for 3 weeks, and the good Father has announced it the past two after every Mass.  I had one child show up. [Sigh]  Uno.  Thank goodness for him, because for a little while I was afraid there would be no one. God sends what we need, right?

Is January giving you the mid-winter blues?  


  1. Karen! We are sisters my dear. I have the January blahs too. And today, I thought - this job is too much. The kids - older adolescents - are so needy, so challenged, so socially inappropriate. How many times today did I have to say "That is not school appropriate. Do not discuss that in my classroom." Where are the filters, the boundaries?

    As for politics, I agree with your frustration over our president, but the GOP upsets me too. Those candidates are clowns. Argh.....Time to knit.

  2. I feel ya. Same ol same ol here too. Did you read the article in the Wall St. Journal by Timothy Dolan? I am praying we have a new administration in November!!

  3. The weather is the same way here, except I haven't seen the sidewalks "sweat". What an ugly concept.
    I have a feeling we're going to get slammed in March. Hopefully it won't be during "Spring" break.
    Hang in there; Lent is just 3 1/2 weeks away!