Wednesday, January 18, 2012

catching up

You know, sometimes there just doesn't seem much that is blog-worthy.

My Saturdays this month spend a lot of time looking at things like this:

My older dear child has decided to give wrestling a try.  Makes for some long Saturdays, I want you to know!  But he is enjoying it, and it is good for him to be involved in something at school. 

On a totally unrelated note...about twice a month, we pray the Seven Sorrows Rosary at my sister-in-law's house.  Monday was one of those nights, and I knew I needed to be there.  I was running late, so I called her to let her know.  Not to worry, she said.  It would probably  be a small group, and they would wait.  Imagine my surprise when I got there to see cars lining the street and a young couple walking down the driveway.  I was sure that they must have been looking for the party, which must have been at the neighbor's.

My surprise was magnified even further to see 15-20 teenagers sitting in her living room praying the Rosary!  I wondered who had brought their youth group or CCD class.  But, no.  Through the wonders of forwarded text messages, these kids had shown up [at the home of a stranger] to pray for a friend who was having surgery the next day on a [hopefully benign] brain tumor.  And they had been welcomed with open arms.

My own prayer intention was our clerk at school.  You know, of course, that clerks and secretaries are the ones that run the school!  Miss Grace is in her early 80's, and is one of the few people who has been at our school longer than I have.  To know her is to love her.  She always has a smile and a kind word.  Last week, news came that a [probably malignant] tumor had been found during a colonoscopy. 

She said she was going to the Adoration Chapel that afternoon, and she'd be at work the next morning!  That's why sometimes we call her Amazing Grace!  She finished the work week, as if she didn't have a care in the world!  The surgery was scheduled for Tuesday, and as I was driving home from the Rosary, I was thinking about her, and how "Amazing Grace" is such a fitting name for her.  In the next breath, a new song came on the radio.  Would you believe it if I told you, the song was "Amazing Grace" by Chris Tomlin!  That was kind of a "wow God!" moment.

A side note to add that she had the wrong date for her surgery, but there was a cancellation on Friday, and so she is scheduled for that day.  Please add a quick prayer for her.  She is the heart of our school.

And that, I think, is about all that I know that is worth mentioning.

Until next time....


  1. Thanks for sharing these slices of your life. And yes, prayers up to "Amazing Grace!"