Sunday, February 5, 2012


No, I'm not going anywhere.  Things are slow here, but as soon as I would cease to blog, there would be a zillion things to blog about. 

Had a little meeting after school on Monday to learn that one of my co-workers who has been a thorn in my side at times was leaving the following the day.  I wish them well, but I shed no tears.  The relationship was at different times amicable, abusive, antagonistic, and now - alright, but never A+.  ;-)

There was a time when it was just toxic to be at school.  And there was a time when I told God, "I don't understand.  I don't know why I need to be faced with this.  But if it's what you want...if I'm supposed to learn something from it...then so be it.  Whatever you want."  And then oddly enough, peace ensued. 

Friday was a fresh start for our school.  Two new people to take the place of one.  I got there early that morning and snapped some pictures.  Our campus really is beautiful, though sometimes you don't notice with all the chaos that regularly goes on.

The sky was an odd shade of grayish blue.  The sun not really out yet, and rain on the way.  The tree, I have been admiring for the last week or so...first the flowers, and then leaves.  Spring is coming...hopefully for our school, too!

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