Tuesday, February 7, 2012

quick takes

1.  Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Mass on Wednesday at my parish will be at 6:30 a.m.  I have mixed feelings about this.  Generally on Wednesdays, there is no Mass that fits my schedule, so I go to workout at 6:30 and then go to spend the better part of an hour in the oh-so-quiet empty church near my school.  I really like that quiet time.  And currently the Wednesday Mass is at 8:00.  Too late for me, but confession is offered at 7:45, and that is a wonderful time which I have made use of a time or two.  But, I will love attending Mass at my own parish with my own priest 4 days out of 5 during the week. 

2.  Our new school superintendent came to our school to meet with us after school.  I have hope that good things are to come.  He has a plan.  And it seems like common sense.  Something that has been absent far too long in our schools.

3.  I went to a Promethean mini-conference on Saturday.  It was wonderfully done.  To make it even better, I won a door prize!  A set of ActiVotes.  I saw that they retail for about $1300.   I already had a set of similar (but better devices) so I will share this with my co-workers.  I told someone I would trade them for duty!

4.  When I got home from school today, after that meeting, it was nearly 6 p.m.  My younger child tells me that he needs a physical by (guess when?)....tomorrow....so that he can try out for track.  Really?  We have a friend from Scouts who is an MD, so I texted him.  He called me and said he had a few things he had to pick up at WalMart.  Could we meet him there?  God bless him!  Quickest physical in history, I think.  The track running teen was just glad he was not "touched".

5.  The homily last Sunday was about suffering.  He noted that not even Jesus was exempt from it, and that we can let it make us better or bitter.

6.  Matt Maher performed in my city last weekend.  My sister-in-law went with me, even though she wasn't too familiar with him.  The average age of the crowd was about 22, but we had a good time.  This is my new favorite song.... (Every Little Prison)

It is based on the Litany of Humility Prayer.  It is cool to have a contemporary Christian Musician who is also Catholic. 

7.  My older teen is wrestling in the state meet this weekend.  This is his first year, and he has only won three of his matches, but he has shown a lot of improvement.   We are excited about watching him this weekend. 

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