Sunday, February 12, 2012

idle chit chat

Can we just chat?  Kind of random thoughts? And look at some pictures from the weekend?  The random reminds me of the time I went to confession and started off by saying I had some random thoughts to share.  And the Good Father said that was OK, because he could just give me random absolution.  I am so thankful for him.  (It is time to visit that little spot in the back of church again sometime soon.)

It has been a "full-moon" week.  It has been cloudy for days on end, and even without seeing the moon in a good while, I "knew" on Monday - after walking into the classroom where my fifth graders are included - that it must be a full moon.  And it was a long-lasting one.  Oh my! 

By Thursday, I was feeling woefully inadequate to attempt to teach the "chronically unraised" and "mentally iffy".  I am not without compassion, but it just wears on you to have students who are just so inappropriate and so clueless.  I know that there are things in their lives that are probably beyond imagining, but I simply have no idea of how to fix it.  Or even how to deal with it. Or how to help them deal with it. There is never a day when all of them are "OK".  When everyone has a pencil that is sharpened, paper to write on, and is engaged in the lesson.  There is always someone with a need other than education.

The pictures?  Oh...they have nothing to do with a full moon.  The three above were taken out of the car window Saturday morning on our way to New Orleans.  The second one is over the Atchafalaya Basin. I have always loved the beauty of that particular spot.  The third one, nearing Baton Rouge - the morning light and the late winter tree colors. 

We were headed the State Wrestling Tournament.  That's my older son, getting ready for his second match.  It's his first year as a wrestler, and he won three matches during the season.  Good for a first year, I suppose, and it has introduced him to some different people and given him something to belong to at school. 

The convention center where the State Tournament was held was on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain.  Younger son and I walked up the levee in the afternoon to stretch our legs after sitting in the stands for several hours.  It was a beautiful day, but cold with a tremendous wind blowing in from the north.  You can see the whitecaps on the lake.  And the flag was waving proudly!

Back to my needy students....our new superintendent has proposed that each school have a school nurse and a therapist to address the needs of the students.  Can I get an Amen?  This picture is my younger son, bundled up against the cold and avoiding the camera sitting on the levee yesterday, but I have a fifth grade student who routinely looks like this in the classroom.  He gets upset, pulls the hood on his head and then refuses to talk or work or comply.  I have yet to figure out how to fix it.  My prayer the other morning was along the lines of, "Lord, I don't know how to fix the broken children." 

Our wrestling tournament is usually held on a Friday and Saturday.  Sunday is still, usually a day for God.  But there were some technical difficulties and the location had to be moved late in the game.  The new location was available only on Saturday and Sunday, but I was heartened to see this paper posted on the door of the arena. 
Lots of Catholics in South Louisiana.  Our wrestler was out of the competition by Saturday evening, though, so we spent the night in the hotel, woke up early, and headed back to catch the last Mass at our parish.  There is no place like home!

I think I'm about out of stuff to say.  Here is a picture from this morning on the way out of New Orleans.  I think this section is the Bonet Carre (pronounced Bonnie Carrie) Spillway.  Looking forward to the upcoming week.  We have the Seven Sorrows Rosary on Monday and Bible Study on Wednesday.  I think Thursday is Family Math and Science night at our school.  Tuesday is Valentine's and I have that little annual check-up that all women look so forward to. 

This one's kind of ugly, but don't hate too much.  I thought the camp in the wetlands with the backdrop of the chemical plants was somewhat interesting.  Another out-the-car-window picture.  Some of those emissions may be was cold today. 

Mardi Gras is in full swing here.  Next week is the last full week before Lent, so I guess I should give some consideration to Lenten plans this coming week.  Does anyone have anything to share?

How's that for random?  Too boring?


  1. I often say the 7 sorrows rosary on fridays. I "think" I have my Lenten plan all mapped out...I am praying about it to see if it is the right thing.

  2. I struggle with the same work challenges as you, Karen. Lately, I have been telling myself it is a prideful thing to think that my job is to fix my students' lives; my job is to be present to them, to commicate without explicitly saying so that, no matter their circumstances, their lack of parenting, their need and their losses, they are of INFINITE value.

    And I think that is a lot to offer a child every day.

  3. MS wrestled for a while. Nothing like sitting in the stands all day to watch your son on the mat for about 28 seconds, huh? :)
    The home life of some kids these days explains a lot, doesn't it? Very, very sad, but true.


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