Saturday, October 31, 2009

fight the flu; don't clean house

My house will never win any Good Housekeeping Awards for organization or cleanliness, but we are seldom sick.  I thought maybe one reason was that we have a better chance to acquire immunities than most people with spotless houses.  So tonight I ran across this little tidbit about flu-proofing your home.  Bottom line - it says that some of the cleanest houses have some of the highest germ counts and that some of the most "untidy" bachelor pads have the lowest.  In the clean houses, the germs are constantlly moved around by dust rags, mops, etc.  But in the houses with "lazy housekeeping" the germs are generally contained in the sink or to the garbage can.

You can sanitize all your cleaning tools between uses, but that sounds like even more work.  Or you can use lots of paper towels.  Or you can just stop moving germs around.  I vote for option number 3!

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