Friday, October 16, 2009

what a night!

Hubby had a job that took him cross-country this week.  When he is not here at night we let the dog in, set the alarm, lock the doors, and I sleep with a loaded weapon in close proximity.  About 11:30, in that state between wake and sleep, I heard something that sounded like a shot.  But it could have been the cat knocking the toilet seat down.  I got up and asked Kid #1 if he had heard anything and he said, "no".  I left it at that.  I could see flickering light (lightening) through the window when I made a stop in the bathroom. 

About 12:30, the alarm starts screaming.  Kid #1 is knocking on my door.  I pick up my loaded weapon.  He says the dog knocked over the baby gate.  Very uncharacteristic for her.  She probably needs to go outside, but it is thundering, lightening, raining.  She ain't gonna go.  So we put her back in the kitchen. 

About 1:00, I hear Kid #1 fussing again.  The dog had knocked over the gate again.  The rain is slacking, so I tell him to put her out.  I head back to bed, and he goes into the kitchen to get a drink.  I hear him fussing....there is rice all over the kitchen floor.  Dog has knocked over a box of Minute Rice.  We picked that up, let the dog back inside, and head back to bed.

1:30.  Same song.  Third verse.  The rain has pretty much stopped.  The dog goes out for good.  We go back to bed.

No further problems.

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