Thursday, October 15, 2009


Things just seem scattered this week.  I have missed my regular daily Masses with my regular daily Mass people and priest.  That should resume its regular schedule next week. 

Yesterday was a field trip with Kid #1's class.  He has spent 2 days at the library (university and public) but has nothing to show for it.... Let me just pull out my hair now.  But the field trip and break in routine was nice for me. 

My best friend's mom is not doing well.  She is at the "it probably won't be much longer" stage.  Friend is flying in.  I look forward to seeing her, but wish it was under different circumstances.  I want to be there, but do not want to infringe on family time.  Prayers.

Hubby has been gone all week on a cross-country trip.  He should be back late Friday or Saturday.  I miss him, but life has been simple and the house has been quiet while he has been gone.

My observation has come and gone at school.  It went well.  On the paperwork - I will never be able to catch up to all the things that I have to do for school.

All the lines at Curves went down this month - weight, body fat and inches!  Woo Hoo.  Four months, and it is finally starting to pay off.  My blood pressure is also down.  I was able to run up and down the stairs at the library yesterday without passing out or feeling the burn.

Taxes.  Maybe the accountant made a mistake that will benefit us greatly.  Or maybe not. 

Tomorrow is Friday!

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