Sunday, February 28, 2010

disappearing saturdays

Saturday says... sleep late.  I stayed in bed until nearly 10:30 today.  That NEVER happens.  But the sleep seemed to be needed.  Too bad my back doesn't like staying in bed as much as the rest of my body.  The longer I stay, the stiffer my back is.

Slowly I got moving.  Kid #2 wanted to look for a guide to his new video game.  We visited 2 different stores, but went 0 for 2.  I figured if Gamestop didn't have it, it was probably senseless to make the trip to WalMart (true penance in my opinion).

I mentioned to the kids about going to confession one weekend soon, with today being an option.  Usually we treat ourselves to chick-fil-a or ice cream afterwards, but tonight we had a Boy Scout banquet to attend.  One said he'd wait until next weekend, and after the other realized that the banquet would postpone the chick-fil-a outing, he decided he'd wait, too.  That was fine.  I'd had plans on going since earlier in the week, and sometimes I can be more tuned in to the sacrament, if they are not with me.

So I got ready and went.  As I have started Lent, there were some things that I realized that I needed to bring to God, so that is what I did.  It is a paradox, but sinfulness is turned into grace in that sacrament.  There are so many paradoxes, but that's a post for another time.  Anyway, I had an idea of what I wanted to say, of what was tugging at my heart, and I did my best.  Wasn't the most eloquent of confessions, as I kind of searched for words and a way to wrap it all up, but the good Father waited patiently and understood what I was getting at.  His advice was both practical and encouraging.  I didn't feel the huge weight lifting when I left - and often I don't - but as I sat in the pew with my penance, peace descended.  The penances he assigns are never the "say three Our Father's" variety, and this was no exception.  They are always "remedial" - something to give you a start on fixing the problem or changing the situation or correcting the damage done.  Often the penance is as helpful as his advice.  And so it goes.

I stayed for Mass, and since confessions are over at 3:30 and Mass doesn't start until 4:00, there was plenty of time for thought and reflection.  Always good.

After Mass, we got ready for the Boy Scout banquet.  Boys from our troop were part of the flag ceremony, so that meant the parents got to tag along. The food was OK, but my dear hubby makes better brisket.  The program, moderately interesting.  The awards - well - our scoutmaster was awarded scoutmaster of the year!  Awesome!  And the boys did a great job with the flag ceremony!  (The picture was after the flag ceremony and is in need of red-eye correction....)

And now I am home. The end of a day.  How do weekends zip by so fast??

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