Wednesday, February 17, 2010

happy lent?

Is it wrong to wish someone a "Happy Lent?"  After all, Lent, by its very nature, is supposed to be penitential in nature.  But one need not go around with a long face when doing penance.  Lent is not necessarily sad, just more introspective and reflective.  My hope is usually that Lent is a fruitful, productive time for people.  A time to look at what isn't working 100% in our lives and fix it. 

And so, I've got my plan.  I've got a good idea of the things that need work, and a good idea of the things I want to offer as penance.  So I need to do my share, and at the same time, step aside and let God accomplish the things He has planned - which could be totally different from the things I have planned.  (Wanna make God laugh???  Tell Him your plans!)

I remember last year, the priest talking about things that God wanted to do in our lives, and thinking rather smugly, that my life was pretty good, and God really didn't need to accomplish too much there, that maybe He could go help the people who really needed help.  This year is different in that regard.  God probably has plenty to do in my life to keep Him busy for a while. Maybe that realization is growth?

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  1. I'm familiar with God laughing at my grand plans. I told him I was done having children, and more were added.