Friday, February 26, 2010

unforgiveness, revisited

Not really one of my "themes of the month", per se, but it seems to be coming up quite often lately.  This morning, it was again part of the homily, with Psalm 130 being highlighted:  "If you, O Lord, would mark our iniquities, who could stand?"  Well, not me, for sure!

Bottom line was that none of us have the right to hold a grudge.  We have been forgiven such a huge debt by our God, a debt that none of us ever could have repaid, that none of us have the right to withhold forgiveness from another.  Certainly easier said than done.  But just as we receive mercy and forgiveness from God, when we bring our sinfulness to Him in the sacrament of reconciliation or otherwise, we are called to be conduits of that mercy and forgiveness and to pass it along to the world.

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