Friday, February 26, 2010

sacrificial seafood?

It's hard to have "penitential" meals during Lent when you live in south Louisiana.  It just is.  Oh - no meat.  Pity.  I guess I'll just have to have some fried shrimp or crawfish etoufee or maybe boiled crawfish.  Ouch!  One priest who writes a column in his parish's bulletin noted last week that *something* should be penitential about your Friday if it won't be the food.

My favorite of favorite school cafeteria meals is their vegetable soup.  To have it with a grilled cheese sandwhich makes it even better.  They have had it twice this year, and both times I have not been at school - once visiting my friend from Pennsylvania and once attending her mom's funeral.  Go figure.  But today was my lucky day - vegetable soup AND grilled cheese.  A menu change from the fish and cheese burger.  (Now THAT would be a penance!)  The soup wasn't as good as it could have been, but I enjoyed it anyway.

And tonight....dear husband fried some speckled trout for the kiddos that just about melted in your mouth.  (I had to try a piece.)  And he baked some catfish for he and I - with the bone still in.  Mmmm - lemon, seasoning, and a little butter...  It was all good!

There were sacrifices today, but it wasn't in the food!

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