Monday, May 24, 2010

back to green

Before the day started to unravel, I knelt in the cool, quiet church.  That is always the best part of my day.  I noticed that the Easter candle, which had been lit in a prominent place for the past 50 days, was now stuck into a corner in the back of the sanctuary.  Yesterday was Pentecost - the official end to the  Easter Season, I suppose. We waited for the Holy Spirit, He's here, and now it's back to business as usual.  Ordinary time.  Today the priest was back in green.  It's been a long time since we've seen green vestments.  40 days of Lenten purple followed by 50 days of Easter white.  Now it's back to green - with a few exceptions - until Advent.

There are 2 more days of school, and I probably have 5 more days of work to do.  Not quite as far in my paperwork as I had hoped to be.  My computer died today.  When I left the classroom it was working.  When I returned it wasn't.  Thought it might be the monitor, but it wasn't.  Can't believe that the kids did something to kill it.  It wasn't dropped.  What else could kill it?  Maybe it was just a natural death.  In any case, it was a time waster.  Switching out monitors - trying to figure out the problem - and finally setting up the laptop and connecting it to a printer.

My supervisor is coming to do the end of the year check out in the morning.  I won't be there.  My kids have their closing Mass at school and it will be my 8th grader's last Mass.  Note to self:  charge camera.  After Mass, they have a ceremony with the 8th graders and their Kindergarten buddies and it is a tear jerker even if your child is not directly involved. 

My supervisor is coming and I still have about 3 of the infamous blue folders to put together.  Shouldn't take long,  I just need time to do it without being interupted by a zillion different things.

Honors Night was tonight.  My contribution to the life of the school.  A lot of work for 30 minutes of hoopla.  I had wonderful support from my co-workers, though.  That is a good thing about where I work.  People are willing to go the extra mile to help each other.  Usually.

I heard this song on the radio on my way home tonight. It explains why I love to start my mornings with Mass.  His holy Presence.  My daily bread.   I'm desperate for Him and lost without Him.

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  1. Went to daily mass yesterday and again today. It was a great way to start my day.
    Love that song, love Michael W. Smith!