Thursday, May 20, 2010 my protection....

At Mass this morning, one of my favorite church-lady sisters came and sat near me.  We met last summer (at Mass) and for some reason hit it off almost immediately.  Today, we chatted for a bit afterwards, and I told her about my upcoming yearly evaluation meeting at work - which I wasn't really looking forward to.  Her advice was to say the "St. Michael prayer" before going in.  When I further explained, she said, "Never mind.  Say it twice - once for you and once for them."  And I did. The meeting went about how I figured it would go in light of the current climate at school.  For the first time in 20+ years of teaching, I felt compelled to write a response to a comment written on my evaluation.  I won't lose sleep over it, though.  From Presence comes Peace, and I am doing what I can to stay in that Presence and live from that Peace.

This week has been very busy and very tiring.  Trying to pull it all together.  I am seeing light at the end, though.  I think.

The grand-kidlets are leaving tomorrow.  I wish they would have been here a bit longer, because this is the worst possible time they could have been here.  Final exams for my kids (the uncles), end of school crap for me, scout fundraiser, etc.  My kids enjoyed swimming with them tonight: 

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