Sunday, December 19, 2010

brotherly love

This week, I witnessed an encounter between my 2 boys that was priceless.

My 13-year old - the "cooler" of the two, had a school dance Friday night.  When we got home from school, he went straight to his 15-year-old brother for advice.  Older brother is a good kid, but kind of marches to the beat of his own drum sometimes.

Older brother goes to work:   Well, first of all you are not wearing that [Guns and Roses] t-shirt to the dance.  You gotta have a polo shirt.  And not those shirts with the stripes that you wear to church.  You can borrow one of mine.

And next thing- you gotta lose those jeans with the cargo pockets.

And your hair...  You have to do something with your hair.  They were in the bathroom with older brother brushing younger brother's hair (and he was letting him do it!)  I was in there, as well, because that is where our dryer is, and I was folding clothes.  "'s a Kodak moment," I commented.  "I should get the camera."  "Yeah, Mom, get the camera."  They closed the door and locked it when I left to get the camera.

It really was a great interaction between the two of them.

As for my 13 year old, he came home complaining that he STILL did not ask a girl to dance with him, but he was thrilled that he had made $30 selling 2 packs of gum.  He is his father's child!  Selling gum for $1/stick.

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  1. Hilarious and heart-warming. I love to see families getting along.