Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Sitting here.  On my bed with a laptop.  Listening to the rain outside; it's coming down hard.  Then there's thunder.  A nice winter night?  My younger teen is laying on the bed next to me listening to his iPod, but not paying me any attention.  Good thing we like some of the same music.  Journey.

Today feels like nothing got done.  Only a couple of things can be erased from my to-do list.  I renewed my driver's license - overall a pleasant experience taking less than an hour.  I went to Mass this morning.  My dear hubby's uncle/Godfather was sitting right behind me.  We shook hands at the sign of peace, but he didn't recognize me.  I cleaned up a small bit of the clutter in my room.  I have 2 bags of clothes ready to go to Goodwill.  I took my the younger teen to GameStop, so he could buy a game for his new game system.  A trip to Target, and a stop by the Starbucks inside of Target.  He got one of those million calorie frozen drinks, I just had a few slurps of his. 

The rest of the day seems like it just got frittered away.  I played with my new iPad Christmas present - trying to figure things out.  I caught up on a few blogs.  I posted on Facebook.  My littlest step-grandchild had surgery this afternoon for his staph infection.  I kept posted on that.  All indications are that it went well.  Just one of those days.  A To-Do list a mile long that I mostly ignored.  Maybe that's OK.

Meeting two friends from college, whom I haven't seen in many years for coffee tomorrow.  The wonders of Facebook!  We were all in the same major.  One was my roommate and a year younger than me.  The other is my age.  We took so many classes together, studied together, and unofficially competed with each other (for grades, for scholarships, for jobs...)  Very much looking forward to that!


No use trying to put the pictures where I would like them....picture placement roulette...but somewhere up there are the six grandkids, my 2 kids, my niece, my dear hubby, and my stepson (the father/son BarBQ team!)

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  1. Love your Patron Saint for 2011...(I have a son named Patrick!)
    I love Journey too...and I agree....just frittering away the days here too.