Sunday, December 26, 2010

holy family

I'm on the road - headed to see my stepson and his family today.  With six kids under 11, it is anything but a holy experience, most of the time. (Add in to that equation that I'm bringing 3 teenagers - my boys and my niece - to add to the mix.)

Nonetheless - they serve as a model for our own families which are works in progress.

We are leaving from Mass Sunday for a six hour drive (writing this on Saturday), so I'm not sure if I'll be back to post further insights, reflections, or miscellaneous.

Keep Christ in the Christmas Season!

Gotta come back and add after the homily at Mass today. First of all, the good father read a bit of what John Paul II had to say about holy families and the domestic church. Mary and Joseph did not have a holy family because they "had it made". They struggled with things just as we do. They had a holy family because of the presence of Jesus in their family. We can not blame the government, the media or society. The closing challenge of the homily was to take one of the virtues - just one - from the second reading and to work on cultivating that virtue in our family during the upcoming year. Then next year we would also be celebrating our own family as a holy family. Worth trying, I think.

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