Tuesday, January 11, 2011

winter blahs

It seems a shame to let days and days pass without a post, but there just seems nothing to write about. 

It is cold, but not snowy.  No beautiful snow pictures to post.  Haven't seen the first flake this year.

Actually, no pictures of any kind.  I don't think I've taken a picture since New Year's Eve.

The Saints lost their play-off game.  :-( 

We undecorated the church last Saturday.  I went to confession.  Not at the same time we were rearranging stuff in the attic and stowing nativity figures in the closet.  Later.  Although it was a little strange to open the door to the confessional... "Hi, it's me again..."  There are so many graces there.  But I touched on that last week. He is a wonderful confessor.  There was humor, but there was also a serious conversation.  He is a wonderful conduit of the Holy Spirit. 

Dear husband is making himself busy rolling our spare change.  And making me crazy as he rummages around for "six more nickels".  Must be a really slow night on television.

School is alright.  I emailed my principal this past weekend.  I have recess duty with the fifth graders. Usually pretty low-stress, but last week the girls found a new use for the tether ball poles that no longer have tether balls attached.  I'm not sure pole-dancing is one of those "life-long skills" we are endeavoring to teach.  I asked if there was money in the budget for tether balls.  I didn't hear back from him, and he hasn't been at school this week.  Probably has the winter blahs.  But on the bright side, our faculty meeting this week is canceled. 

My younger child had detention today.  First one this school year, so not doing too badly.  He was actually kind of bummed this time, although several of his friends were also there this morning. 

With him being at school so early, it gave me a chance to attend Mass at a different church - the one that burned last spring.  Please pray for their pastor - Fr. H.  I am not sure what is wrong, but he has not been himself the past month (or more).  He is distracted and seems to be in physical pain.  Could be the stress of the rebuilding.  Could be something altogether different.  He is a wonderful priest, and he has been on my mind all day. 

The battery of my laptop is about out, so that means it's time to end this post. 

And that, my friends, is my boring life!


  1. Hey, not boring at all. I'll add this priest to my list of people I want to pray for.

  2. Well, I was interested.

    The blahs do serve a purpose. Today, I enjoyed mine. I'm not into football, but all I really wanted to do was stare into space, so I, uncharacteristically,joined my husband in front of the big screen, and did exactly that... stare into space. It was all a blur and when I left I had new found energy. Go figure!