Sunday, January 30, 2011

sunday snippets

It's Sunday again!

Each Sunday, R'Ann at This, That and the Other Thing hosts a weekly meme for Catholic bloggers to highlight posts that might be of interest to other like-minded folks.  This week, she highlights a book review that she did about a volunteer from Planned Parenthood, who found herself crossing over to "the other side".  Sounds like a fascinating book.  

As for me, life keeps rolling along at a winter pace, I guess.  The sinus crud made it's appearance, and life is more effort when you're feeling about 75% capacity.  Not sick enough to be sick, and not well enough to be well.  A signal to slow down, I suppose.

On the slowing down note, thank you to those who stopped to offer prayers for A and her family (I saw mom and dad at Mass this morning) and for my principal (who will be out for at least a month).  

So here are my two little posts for the week:

more winter  - a longer version of the above paragraph

there's an app for that - a review of 3 "Catholic" apps for iPhone/iPad and a little lagniappe thrown in at the end...

Looking forward to seeing what else is happening in the world!

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