Sunday, January 2, 2011

sunday snippets

It's that time again.  Each week, R'Ann at This That and the Other Thing hosts a meme for Catholic bloggers to share items which might be of interest to other Catholic folks - bloggers and non-bloggers, I suppose.

It's been two weeks since we've shared, and it's been a busy two weeks for me - blog-wise.  (Of course what interests me and what interests others....well...)  It's hard to choose.  Maybe I'll just put out what there is to choose from and leave it to you to pick what looks good.  Kind of like a buffet.  :-)

God of the impossible - reflections from the last week of advent homily.  Joseph.  Surrender.  Impossible situations.  Engraved as a wound in the heart of Jesus.

brotherly love - A heart-warming interaction between my two teenagers.

home stretch - Daily life from the last week of Advent (and the first week of Christmas vacation).

getting ready - Reflections looking back at Advent, gift-buying, and decorating.  Wanna peek at my beautiful little church? 

Christmas - It is what it is.  Mass and families.  Pictures.

holy family - Short and sweet with a great idea (I think)  for a New Year's resolution.  If you can only read one - this might be it. 

running on empty - How you sometimes feel when life gets in the way of everything sacred.  Just putting it out there.  Probably nothing really profound or interesting.  ;-)

pausing - What you sometimes have to do when you're running on empty.  Along with some pics of the grandkids. 

patron saints - Links to a patron saint generator.  Kind of cool, if you haven't seen it elsewhere.

measuring a year - New Year's Eve post  looking back.  Lots of links to posts from throughout the year.

Hope that you find something to your liking!

Happy New Year!

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