Wednesday, February 2, 2011

weather or not

The weather.  That's been about the most exciting thing this week.

Yesterday it was in the 70's.  My older child went to school in shorts.  My younger had short sleeves and no sweat shirt.  It was about 800% humidity, and there was absolutely no hope for my hair.  Humidity AND wind.  There was a strong south wind, until about noon when a front passed through.  It rained heavily for about an hour, and then the wind started blowing from the north.  My offspring were a little chilly when they got home.

It was clear and COLD this morning.  25, with a "feels like" temperature of 14.  We don't get that weather often here.  I had a student in shorts today. (My own didn't argue about wearing pants today.)   I don't know if he owns uniform pants...he said he did when I asked..  The wind was strong, and it was bone-chilling cold all day.

The highlight of the day came when school was canceled for tomorrow.  Freezing rain is expected during the day tomorrow, and we just don't drive in that stuff here.  School on Friday is questionable.  Who is more thrilled - the teachers or the students?  Hard to say!

Bible Study was tonight.  It focused on the need to RESPOND to the Word of God, and mentioned that the Word of God is not found in Scripture alone.  Revelations from God require an action - a response - on our part.  Noah didn't just go on with his regular life after God revealed the plans for the Ark.

The disappointment of my day came when our pastor announced that daily Mass for tomorrow (and probably Friday) was canceled.  I love daily Mass.  I love daily Mass at my parish.  I love my pastor's homilies.  I miss it when it is not available.  It seems like more and more often, daily Mass is canceled.  Any civil holiday - no Mass.  But on the other hand, I know that our pastor has other duties in addition to being the sole shepherd of souls at our parish.  I know that he needs to do what he needs to do to take care of himself so that he CAN be available for us.  And I know that he goes above and beyond in so many things - like the Bible Studies he facilitates in the evenings.  There will be Mass elsewhere...I am fortunate in that respect.  And so I will be at my adopted parish tomorrow.

If I can tomorrow, before the evil freezing rain sets in, I want to find time to go to the Adoration Chapel.  I am overdue for a stay there.  A nice stretch of time where I can be and listen and soul search.  

And this is the ordinariness of my life.  Finding beauty there?  It is what it is.

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  1. Does your school have a stash of used uniforms they can give kids who need them? I always donate outgrown uniforms to the schools for just that purpose. They use them for poor kid or kids who get something on them during the day--my own kids have come home with shirts from the stash on occassion.