Thursday, February 3, 2011

ice, ice baby

Don't laugh, my northern friends.  We don't see these very often at all here in the Deep South.  I'm sure it's been a few years.  And these are at least 2 inches long...some of them.  I hear you laughing! 

I did make it to Mass today.  All's well that ends well.  My sister-in-law met me at our adopted parish - the one that burned last spring.  I will be as happy as they are when their church is rebuilt.  I had asked for prayers for their pastor, Fr. H, a few weeks ago.  He looked SO much better today.  We celebrated the Feast of St. Blaise with the Blessing of Throats.

My plans to visit to the Adoration Chapel didn't work out today.  We made a family outing to Sam's, and there was icy rain around noon when we finished.  We dragged the generator out of the shed - just in case we lose power due to ice on the power lines - and made sure we had diesel to run said generator. 

More freezing rain is forecast for tonight, so tomorrow is another day off of school.  I'm sure there will be no Mass at my parish.  Hopefully once it gets above freezing tomorrow, I will be able to have a nice visit with the Lord.  And maybe a trip to JCPenneys to look through the winter clearance items.

Stay warm!

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