Sunday, February 6, 2011

fount of mercy

Well, I don't imagine the fount of mercy is frozen.  It's a living fount, after all.  But I couldn't resist using this picture.  Had to tie it in somehow.  ;-)

I drove by this Saturday morning (after all the ice elsewhere had pretty much thawed) and thought it was beautiful..  But I didn't have my camera.  Drove back by an hour later and it was still there.  Melting, but there.  I was back in a few minutes with my camera.

And the fount of mercy...I did find my way to that, too.  It's in the back corner of our church.  Three doors.  Your church probably has something similar.  If you've read this blog for any length of time, you might recall that there is a thorn for me at work.  Lately, I try to avoid any interaction, and it makes life bearable for the most part.  But that's not always possible.  One of the things that I realized Friday afternoon in the darkness of the church was that I rarely - maybe never - give this person the benefit of the doubt in any situation.  I always assume less than honorable - evil - motives.  It was so easy to see that in the darkness; asking Jesus to be my light.  And so my penance fits.  A prayer of action, he said.  Self-denial of some sort for a day, offered for that person.  I get that penance from time to time, and generally it has good results. A little in our hands is something great in God's hands.

It didn't take long, though, before the Evil One had found another stumbling block to throw in my path.  If you've been around here for a while, you know that I love daily Mass.  If it's possible for me to go, I'll be there.  It's not a penance.  It's not a sacrifice.  It's a JOY!  You will also know that I am fond of my pastor. He is a gem!  Holy.  Reverent.  He says 4 Masses during the week, 3 on weekends at our Parish.  He says Mass at a monastery another day.  He is Chancellor of our Catholic school, and says Masses there a couple of times a month.  He has important duties at the diocese.  He ministers to the homebound.  There are funerals, baptisms, weddings.  Confessions before daily Mass and on Saturdays.  He facilitates adult education opportunities.  He is the only priest and there is no deacon at our parish. If it's happening, it's because he is there.  It makes me tired just to look at the list.

When I picked up a bulletin after Mass, I saw that Mass on President's Day is canceled.  It disappoints me, and I really struggle to be charitable here.  Only Satan - who knows where to strike us-  can take things that are essentially good - a love of daily Mass, and fondness for our priest, a man who is very busy about the Lord's business, but needs a day here and there to recharge and distort it into something ugly - disappointment, uncharitable musings.  Seriously?  Canceling Mass for President's Day?  I need to work on my reaction here.  Just being honest.

And so the struggle continues.

Lord, it is not the fount of mercy that is frozen, but our hearts,.  Melt them with the warmth of your love.  And Lord, send us priests.  Give those whom you call, the grace to hear and to answer your call.        ~Amen.

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