Wednesday, January 27, 2010

changing levels

Last night I went to work out.  I joined a fitness place in the summer because something had to be done, and I have been fairly faithful going three times a week.  However, the week before last, there was some reason every night that I couldn't go, and I think I might have only gone once the week prior to that.  It really does not take long to lose what it seems to take months to build up.

Anyway, I was back at it last week.  Last night, I inserted my little chip into the computer and it tells me that "based on my peformance last week, my fitness level has been changed to beginner."  I'm thinking that is probably not a change for the better.  I have to tell you, it didn't exactly give me loads of confidence.  But not to fear, I'm getting back on track with the exercise, and the eating will soon follow. 

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