Sunday, January 3, 2010

a quick trip back

For the past several years, I have used photographs from the preceding year to make a calendar for the upcoming year.  Gives me a chance to enjoy the pictures again, and gives me a place to write things down.

Looking back at 2009...

January was a busy month.  Hubby's sixth grandchild was born.  The following day, our neighbor of over 40 years passed away.  This was unexpected and our holiday celebrations won't be the same.  She was part of our family.  One of the few people who never had a bad thing to say about anyone.  A few weeks later, our family made a trip to Tampa to visit the new grandchild, and the rest of his family.  The boys and I flew.  It was their first flight, and my first flight in over 20 years.  God showed his sense of humor because my stepson's mother was also on the same flight - going to visit!  We also began a 24-week Bible Study at church - the Bible Timeline.

February brought us the celebration of Mardi Gras and an opportunity for me to pick up a little extra cash by tutoring.  This made for some long days.

March continued the journey through Lent.  The boys went on a couple of camping trips; I spent a day with them at the Camporee, but came home to sleep!  Lent was a productive time for me.

April was a busy, busy month with things at school, Holy Week, family from New Jersey visiting.  Dear hubby was at home most of the month, waiting medical clearance for work.

May brought the typical end-of-the-year stresses from school.  I attended a Mother's Day of Reflection which I enjoyed immensely and which offered respite from the stress.  School ended on May 22, and I finalized plans to visit my best friend at her monastery in Pennsylvania at the end of the month.  Our Bible Study took us through Samuel and Kings. 

In June, I returned from my visit with my friend.  What a wonderful treat that was!  I went anticipating the visit, but was delighted to find abundant QUIET!  I attended a week long "camp" for teachers that I found very enjoyable and worked for a week at an art camp for students, which I found interesting.  I made the wonderful discovery of a church parish about a mile and a half from my church.  I had avoided it for years, because of the liklihood that I would be the only white person in attendance.  However, I needed to work around the times of the camp for daily Mass, and the Mass times at that parish worked.  I loved it!  And I made a new friend.  And occasionally I was the only white person besides the priest, and it was OK.

July brought many birthdays (as did June), a week at camp in Georgia for my boys, and another week at Art Camp for me.  A visit from a friend who moved away, and the end of summer - already!

August was filled with back to school things - open houses and inservices.  Our Bible Study concluded with a supper and a video presentation of our pastor/facilitator's trip to Ireland. 

Things got into rhythm in September.  Our Boy Scouts went on a "Shoot and Swim" activity at camp.  After all the rain, a better name would have been "Slosh and Swat".  I did get to shoot a rifle, though, and we had a good day, mud and all.  Another Bible Study got underway - a study of the Gospel of Matthew. 

The undisputed highlight of October was a visit with my friend from Pennsylvania.  A family emergency allowed for her to be at home, and we were able to spend a wonderful, wonderful day together visiting.  It was a rare day when everything just went right.  I also spent an enjoyable weekend on a campout with my boys and my scout friends.

November followed October.  There was a Confirmation Mass at our parish for the youth.  I spent a night and a couple of days at Winter Camp with our Boy Scout troop.  Sleeping in a tent just isn't as comfortable as it once was!

And before we knew what happened, December was here!  Advent.  Christmas.  Decorating. Ornaments.  Presents.  Gumbo.  Lessons and Carols.

A whole trip around the sun!

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