Wednesday, January 27, 2010

variations on a theme

With some regularity in my life, there seems to be some "theme" that comes up, and then it seems like everything I hear or read or see relates in some way to that theme.  It could be prayer, forgiveness, surrender, loss, gratitude, whatever.  Lately, the "theme of the month" seems to be marriage.

I think that being a parent is hard at times, but being a wife is infinitely more difficult.  Not that my marriage is bad, because it's not.  But there is so much untapped potential and ways that it could be better. 

Last year for Lent, I did something simple; I gave up complaining about my dear hubby.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, and I was amazed at the dividends that it seemed to pay in our relationship.  I remarked to a friend that it was as if when I put forth a little bit of an effort, God did the really heavy lifting.  But as time passed, things kind of went back to the status quo, and I find myself looking at Lent again - sure that this is a part of my life that needs some work.  I listen to a Christian radio station when I am in control of the music in the car, and they are working on what is called "The Love Dare".  It is a book of 40 (perfect for Lent) things to do that focus on changing yourself.  Since we know we can't change the other person.  So daily, I am hearing this.

Then, this morning at Mass, the priest spoke about how we achieve sactity through our vocation.  And what would my vocation be, but marriage.  He talked about asking God to make us a more loving husband, wife, child, whatever. 

At Bible Study this evening, the presenter spoke at great length about the truth that "little is much in the hands of God."  He spoke about what the apostles must have thought when Jesus wanted them to feed the 5,000.  But He told them to take inventory, which they did, and found that they had a couple of loaves and a few fish.   "What do you have?"  he asked.   "Give it to me."  He tells us the same thing.  Even when what we have is just a little, He tells us, "Give it to me."  And I could identify perfectly with what he was saying after my Lenten experience last year. 

So, the apostles give him the little bit that they have, and he blesses it, and gives it back to them.  Probably about the size of a small Subway sandwich, and tells them to feed the people.  Yeah, right.  But they kept going back to Jesus when they would run out, and He would replenish them.   We have to remember to do that, as well.

A little in the hands of Jesus is enough!

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