Wednesday, January 13, 2010

crazy busy

The past few weeks have been very busy. 

I've started a few blog entries, but haven't finished.  One was on the Baptism of Our Lord, which was this past Sunday.  I thought it was kind of neat that the anniversary of my bapstism was also last Sunday.  Another on the cold weather.  That one may yet see the light of day - especially if there is more really cold weather. 

Not too much has seemed blog-worthy and time has been oh-so-limited.  Besides this blog, I also have a journal.  When I started blogging, my journal started gathering dust, but the past couple of weeks, it has seen some use.  Some things just belong in a journal, rather than a blog.

My friend was in from Pennsylvania.  We spent the day together Monday and walked and talked.  We walked in her neighborhood.  We walked along the Mississippi River levee, and we walked around the mall.  It was good.  Best friends are the best!  Not sure when I will see her again, but I'm hoping for this summer.

We are going this weekend to see my stepson and his family.  It's a 12 hour drive or a 1.5 hour flight (after a 2 hour drive).  We're flying.  I have so much to do to pack...

Meetings at school.  Meetings about meetings.  Meetings before school.  Meetings after school. Crazy.

I find myself needing to hit the 'delete' button on a couple of things in my life. And a thing or two that I just feel tired of fighting on my own. That and wanting everything to be "right" before stepping on a plane.  Hoping to make it to confession on Friday morning.  There is always a feeling of accomplishment if I just manage to make it for the 8-10 minute window of time before Mass.  ;-)  I always feel like I've skidded in just under the wire!

There was something in Matthew's Gospel that our Bible Study touched on about being held accountable on judgment day for every careless word that is said.  That really did NOT sound like good news to me!

I am yawning and I have things to do.

I picked up a new book while I was at the mall the other day with my friend.  The title is "Be a Man".  It is of a spiritual nature written for guys.  I thought I might preview it before passing it on to my sons or godchildren.  I wonder if I read it on the plane, what kind of ideas other people might have...

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